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How to Apply

In order to apply for financing, your company and project must meet the USELF eligibility criteria.

If you have any questions before applying for USELF financing, you are always welcome to visit our  Frequently Asked Questions section. You can also contact the USELF Helpline, which will provide comprehensive answers to your questions.

The number of projects for which technical assistance and financing are provided is limited, so early application is advisable.

Practical Steps

  1. Download and fill in the Technical Application Questionnaire, available for download on this website.
  2. USELF Experts will perform preliminary technical screening in order to determine preliminary eligibility of the project for USELF financing.
  3. If the company and the project meet the eligibility criteria, EBRD will sign a Mandate Letter with the borrower. The USELF team will then proceed with technical due diligence with the aim of preparing a Project Appraisal Note (PAN).
  4. As part of project preparation, environmental screening and due diligence will be conducted to ensure the company and the project meet national and applicable European Union requirements for environment protection and health & safety. Where any deficiencies are noted and if agreed with EBRD, USELF experts will assist the borrowers in developing an Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) to address these.
  5. Based on the results of the technical and environmental due diligence, EBRD will take a decision on loan disbursement.
  6. While implementation of the project is the responsibility of the borrower, the USELF team will monitor project execution and report on this to the EBRD.