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Regulatory Support Programme

The USELF Facility includes not only debt finance for project development but also technical assistance to key stakeholders that will help to harness renewable potential untapped in Ukraine.

The technical assistance under USELF provides a comprehensive framework which included a specific program to provide assistance to the National Commission that Implements State Regulation in Energy Sector in Ukraine (former NERC). The Consultants that advised the National Commission were AF, Ramboll and Exergia. The specific objectives of the Regulatory Support Programme were:

1)    Alignment of the Ukrainian legislation in the area of RES-E with the provisions of the EU and the Energy Community Treaty

2)    Bringing into full consistency with each other all legislation relating to RES-E in Ukraine

3)    Based on monitoring of RES-E development (overall and by technology type), analysis and forecasts of sustainability of the RES-E support framework, provide amendments or additional legislation for a planned and sustainable increase of RES-E production in Ukraine.

To fulfil these objectives, the project was divided in seven tasks with the following activities:

  • Task I: Full implementation of the existing Green Tariff Law and methodology    
  • Task II: Long-term implementation of Green Tariffs in Ukraine
  • Task III: Connection of RES-E to the network
  • Task IV: RES-E operation in the competitive electricity market
  • Task V: Review of existing mechanism for tendering hydro concessions
  • Task VI: Accreditation, certification, verification and audit of RES-E facilities
  • Task VII: Capacity building

The following final report  has been prepared under  the Regulatory Support Programme: Final Report

The Final Workshop dedicated to the "Assistance to the National Regulatory Commission of Ukraine: Regulatory Support Project" was held on April 2, 2013 at EBRD office Kiyv. For more information read the following presentations:

Task I and II: The existing Green Tariff. Law & Long-term implementation of the Green Tariff

Task III: Connection of E-RES to the Network

Task IV: E-RES operation in the Competitive Electricity Market

Task VI: Accreditation, certification, verification and audit of E-RES