Strategic Environmental Review (SER)

In co-operation with the national authorities in Ukraine, the Ukraine Sustainable Energy Lending Facility (USELF) commissioned a Strategic Environmental Review (SER) of renewable energy technologies.

The purpose of the SER is to identify key environmental issues associated with renewable energy projects and provide a source of environmental and social data relevant to guide and inform later environmental reviews of specific projects.

The SER focuses on the potential impacts of onshore wind, small hydropower, solar, biomass and biogas in areas of Ukraine that can support the technologies. The SER has been undertaken in collaboration with key stakeholders in the area of renewable energy development in Ukraine, including representatives from ministries, national and local authorities developers, local power utilities, non-governmental organisations and other interested parties.

The SER complies with EBRD Environmental and Social Policy and the Public Information Policy, and has been guided by the European Union Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive.

Strategic Environmental Review (SER)

1. SER

SER Non-Technical Summary (NTS)    
Strategic Environmental Review    
Summary Report of Stakeholder Engagement and Public Consultation   

2. SER Appendix

Appendix A: Renewable Energy Scenarios    
Appendix C: Assessment of Likely Significant Effects    
Appendix D: SER Objectives Compliance Assessment    
Appendix B Part 1 of 2 Spatial Constraints Analysis    
Appendix B Part 2 of 2 Spatial Constraints Analysis    
Appendix E: Part 1 of 3 SER Topic Paper    
Appendix E: Part 2 of 3 SER Topic Paper    
Appendix E: Part 3 of 3 SER Topic Paper  

3. Renewable Energy Scenarios

Biogas Technical Report    
Biomass Technical Report    
Small Hydro Technical Report    
Solar Technical Report    
Wind Technical Report    

4. Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement Plan    
SER Project Overview Leaflet    
Scoping Report